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Why municipalities?

Municipalities hold everything together. In communities people meet and exchange ideas. There is our favorite coffee, our day care center or school and our local business. Municipalities issue mission statements and are role models. Without the commitment of the decision-makers, actors and groups in our communities, much of what we need for the very practical implementation of climate protection, resource efficiency and the circular economy would not work.

Two leading associations of the districts and municipalities are the German District Association and the German Association of Cities.

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Holz-kommunal provides decision-makers and stakeholders in municipalities with information and tools for procurement, construction, municipal services and projects in order to be able to combine climate protection and regional value creation even better in practice. climate and regional manager, Construction and procurement departments as well as business development agencies can use the example of wood products to provide relevant information in their tenders Anchor projects and procurements.


Kaffeepause mit Freunden

Partner associations

HVH/LCT und Holz Kommunal cooperates with renowned leading associations in the field of municipalities.

The aim of the cooperation with these partners is to introduce the climate and environmental label HVH/LCT in municipalities to municipal procurement and municipal construction. We sincerely thank the "climate municipalities" and the "climate counties" that already cooperate or want to cooperate with HVH/LCT.

The future is - what we make of it together.  

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Sponsors and supporters

This site is currently being further developed for European expansion and is also being presented as part of a European LIFE project. In non-German speaking countries of the European Union (EU) HVH will be introduced under the name LOW CARBON TIMBER (LCT).

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