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The holz-kommunal platform offers municipalities initial information and materials that raise awareness of the importance of the upstream chains of products and the environmental impact of construction and procurement. This is intended to support municipalities in taking further concrete steps towards climate optimization in connection with regional value creation.

In addition, Holz von Hier resp. Low Carbon Timber offers local authorities in-depth technical support in the areas described below.

For more information you are also very welcome to give us a call:  


Head office: 09209.918 97-51 for DE/AT

Holz-kommunal offers three types of services for municipalities


  1. Free services for all municipalities

  2. Free services for HVH / LCT partner municipalities

  3. Paid services (reduced contribution for HVH / LCT partner municipalities and municipalities of the supporting central municipal associations). 

1. Free services for all municipalities 


Digitaler Schreibtisch

flyers and brochures

Low Carbon Timber (LCT / HVH)

Holz von Hier offers a wealth of information brochures and flyers for municipalities. 

Flyers and short brochures - coming soon
Öffentliche Rednerin

Lectures seminars on HVH

Low Crabon Timber (LCT / HVH)

An introduction to the benefits, application and tendering of the wood climate and environmental label is offered by HHVh / LCT for interested local authorities.

2. Free services for HVH / LCT partners municipalities 



In-Depth Materials

Low Carbon Timber (LCT / HVH)

Partner municipalities will find numerous flyers, brochures, guidelines, videos from Holz from Hier, partners and  organizations on the subject of Holz Kommunal.

  • flyers

  • packet flyer

  • shopping guide

  • brochures

  • guides

  • videos

Media library coming soon
Team gestaltet App

project support

Low Carbon Timber (LCT / HVH)

HVH partner municipalities are supported by Hier in the planning and tendering of projects in timber construction with regard to the implementation of wood.

  • planning

  • market exploration

  • tender

  • communication

Flyerfrei Kopie.png


Low Carbon Timber (LCT / HVH)

Partner municipalities can borrow the wooden mobile from HVH and borrow traveling exhibitions or have their own small exhibitions printed. In addition, thematic exhibitions on specific topics are also offered. Usually 5 roll-ups and 1 accompanying flyer with logos and web addresses of the partner municipality are offered here.


  • wooden mobile

  • traveling exhibitions

  • merchandise

  • themed exhibitions


Oberndorf_01_Halle Beffendorf_02_Copyright Jens Hartmann.jpg

object database

Low Carbon Timber (LCT / HVH)

Partner municipalities that have built buildings and objects with an HVH certificate can be included in the HVH object database and on Timber Wiki free of charge.

  • record objects

  • get attention

3. Paid services 



Timber construction and climate protection funding programs

Low Carbon Timber (LCT/HVH) & partners

Holz von Hier supports you in the development of tailor-made timber construction or climate protection funding programs for your municipality, with a special focus on the consideration of upstream chains and gray energy.

If you already have timber construction and climate protection funding programs or are currently developing them, we can support you free of charge to sharpen them with a view to optimizing the climate protection effect and to network them with regional value creation.  


Biodiversity friendly community

Low Carbon Timber (LCT/HVH) & partners

Biodiversity in municipalities is far more than the green space in front of the town hall. You can contribute significantly more to the preservation of global biodiversity and to the protection of entire ecosystems with your procurement. Together with partners, HVH shows you what biodiversity-friendly procurement can look like and how big your influence is here.  


wood capital

Low Carbon Timber (LCT/HVH) & partners

Support in the process of strategy development and/or, if necessary, the implementation of measures on the way to
"Wood Capital of Europe".

  • strategy development

  • Municipal Wood Charter

  • Analysis of strengths and weaknesses

  • Coordination, monitoring of stakeholders

  • future workshop

  • Award (see Awards) 


Procurement guidelines per wood and climate

Low Carbon Timber (LCT/HVH) & partners

You don't have any procurement guidelines for wood products yet? HVH supports you in the development of specific guidelines for your community as an effective control instrument for optimized climate and environmental protection in the upstream chains, origin of the wood and regional value creation. We place the special focus here on comprehensive and realistic  life cycle considerations. With the climate-optimized upstream chains, you can reduce the CO2 emissions of procured products to a minimum.


RED II/III and municipalities

Low Carbon Timber (LCT/HVH) & partners

Advice on environmentally friendly procurement of renewable energy from biomass under RED-II. Assistance in market research. Proof of origin according to RED-II, which also rewards the short distances for biomass, will be important. Do you want wood pellets from Russia, Canada? Wood chips from Congo or Vietnam? Palm Oil from Malaysia or  Indonesia?Opt for domestic bio-energy that is close at hand, proven with a WOOD FROM HERE certificate.


climate neutrality

Low Carbon Timber (LCT/HVH) & partners

In order to achieve climate neutrality in municipalities, HVH makes a very important contribution. We advise you how and to what extent HVH can contribute to your climate neutrality.  

  • Analysis of the current situation

  • wooden barometer

  • checklists

  • potential check

  • development cards

  • catalog of measures


Life cycle assessments for municipal buildings

Low Carbon Timber (LCT/HVH) & partners

(1) Holz von Hier (HVH) and partners support you in identifying the most sustainable and, above all, the most climate-friendly planning variants for your municipal building projects at the beginning of the planning phase.

(2) After completion, we support you in determining and communicating the actual environmental balance based on reality.

(3) We help you to find the most sustainable solution for real circular economy in the after-use. 

Flyerfrei Kopie.png

design box

office furniture

Low Carbon Timber (LCT/HVH) & partners

Office furniture made of solid wood with sawn timber from local sawmills instead of coated chipboard or plywood panels for furniture construction from Asia? Which municipal decision-maker would not want that for environmental reasons alone? But is that also possible at a comparable purchase price? What role do follow-up costs play here? Does "whoever buys 2x buys more expensive" also apply here? Find out with us how beautiful, healthy and representative your offices can be. 


special edition

Low Carbon Timber (LCT/HVH) & partners

... a special edition of wooden panels. Whether as a wooden picture with a metal frame on the wall or as a table top in a reception room or as representative office furniture ...


... the panels are intended to be ambassadors for the use of local types of wood that have not been in demand up to now.

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