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Information package for companies

The following information package for companies provides some information and documents for an initial overview of HOLZ VON HIER (HVH) resp. LOW CARBON TIMBER (LCT).  

Information for companies

Any company producing wood products can get the HVH/LCT eco-label  provides, edits, processes, trades, installs, sells and complies with the HVH/LCT criteria. HVH/LCT is suitable for both large and small companies. HVH/LCT HERE is simple and practical. Participation is possible at any time, even at short notice, for example based on a current advertisement.

Here you will find initial information on the climate and environmental label HVH/LCT and other documents that are important for companies.


Brief introduction to HVH/LCT

The environmental label HVH/LCT

How do I join?

Recognition of HVH/LCT - Listings overview

Benefit (2 pages)

HVH/LCT Report 2019-2020

Businesses Flyer DE  

Farms Flyer AT

Businesses Flyer EN

Solidarity Contribution Rules

VIP statements about HVH/LCT

Brochure Importance of Transports




For more information, please call us at any time

Tel. 09209.918 97-51

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(1) HVH/LCT can be put out to tender as a lead certificate for climate protection.
HVH/LCT can be requested as a leading certificate for climate protection in tenders in accordance with EU and public procurement law, in the lower and upper threshold range as well as for construction work and delivery services.

(2) HVH/LCT must be recognized as an alternative CoC proof for wood "from sustainable forestry".

If the criterion 'origin from sustainable forestry' is required for tenders with wood, a HVH/LCTcertificate must be recognized as an alternative to, for example, an FSC or PEFC certification.

​​ Simply place the one-page summary of the 2020 report of your application on a  municipal tender. 


1-page summary of the 2020 report

Report Braun&Zwetkow current report from 2020 (90 pages)


Audit of public procurement law environmental association Vorarlberg Austria

Opinion from Prof Knauff University of Leipzig and Thuringia Public Procurement Chamber

Opinion Prof Frenz expert for EU public procurement law and University of Aachen

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If you have any questions or legal experts regarding  If you are looking for tenders with HVH/LCT, please give us a call. 

Tel. 09209.918 97-51

Holz von Hier Stifte

Services for HVH/LCT network companies

Public relations work must be carefully considered for non-profit organizations such as HVH/LCT, which have to do without the marketing budget of large corporations. TV, radio, newspaper advertising cannot often be used for cost reasons. However, HVH/LCT makes many services available to network companies.

Measure . PR. marketing  

  • Bundled trade fair appearances

  • Regional PR material

  • Press CD

  • Cooperation in PR

  • marketing info


  • Marketing material

  • Marketing support 

  • Merchandising items

  • Contact person for customers

campaigns . Actions

  • social media actions

  • campaigns


Information material for you and your customers

  • brochures and flyers  

Training together with partners

  • For companies together with chambers and associations.

  • For planners together with architect organizations.

  • For municipalities with partners.

Scientific support

  • Document

  • Creation of environmental balance sheets


  • conception of exhibitions,  pavilions and exhibition stands

  • Wooden information steles



  • find partners

  • find planner

  • find suppliers


  • Lobbying at organizations of the target groups

  • lobbying in politics

Holz von Hier Stifte

If you have any questions, please call us

Tel. 09209.918 97-51

The most important thing about HVH/LCT
in brief ...

The innovative tool

The heart of the HVH/LCT certification system is the innovative electronic controlling system. This enables products to be labeled quickly and easily in real time.


Recognized environmental label

The environmental label HVH/LCT distinguishes outstanding climate/environmentally friendly products. It can be tendered, externally monitored and product-related. HVH/LCT is recognized by DGNB and BNK as proof of sustainable, responsible raw material extraction and as proof of short product chains. The environmental label is now listed in all relevant platforms and guides for sustainable building, sustainable procurement and sustainable consumption.

open up market potential

A lot of trend studies show that consumers and customers care about regionally manufactured products and sustainable products. HVH/LCT opens up a growing group of customers and creates competitive advantages. The use of the registered umbrella brand HVH/LCT makes it easier for you to promote and publicize your customers. Participating companies have access to a wealth of target group-specific information material for addressing customers.



growing network

Behind HVH/LCT stands a growing number of businesses and companies of all sectors and sizes, because without companies that offer climate-optimized products, there is no practical climate protection. The network increases the availability of such products and the exchange among each other. Perhaps one or the other company will find new suppliers, colleagues or customers through this.

Suitable for every business

HVH/LCT can be used for all products made of wood along the entire process chain, whether in the construction sector, interior design, wood for outdoor use, energy wood, paper, living and life or anything else. Sustainability is not a question of size. HVH/LCT can be used by companies of all sizes.

Innovative system

HVH/LCT a recognized certification system and environmental label in accordance with ISO 14024. The use for companies involves little personal, organizational and financial effort. Through the innovative electronic mass balance system  Companies can label products in a simple way without complex company audits, management systems or anything else. The labeling of products can be easily integrated into day-to-day business.

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