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Information for municipalities with forest

As the person responsible for a municipality that owns forests, you certainly already have a large number of media on the subject of forests at hand, but you may still find some aspects here that might interest you.

This link takes you directly to the Forest Owner Info Tools on the Wood From Here website. Here you will find extensive information. The link opens in a separate window so that you can easily find your way back to holz-kommun.


Link:  "Forest owner information"  on www.



The following is a brief list of the topics covered in the forest owner information. These can be found as information sheets under the link above.  

Site-appropriate tree species selection

"A site-appropriate choice of tree species contributes a lot to the stabilization of forests in the face of climate change.  Our local foresters go about their tasks very responsibly and with a lot of experience" (HVH). 

The following information brochures are available in this area:

  • Site-appropriate tree species selection

Tree Species Profiles

"Get to know the diversity and beauty of native wood species". (HVH). 

  • maple

  • Apple

  • stone pine

  • birch

  • pear

  • beech

  • douglas fir

  • yew

  • serviceberry

  • ash

  • field maple

  • field elm

  • Spruce

  • lilac

  • laburnum

  • gray alder


  • hornbeam

  • hazel

  • elder

  • chestnut

  • buckthorn

  • coastal fir

  • larch

  • linden tree

  • whitebeam

  • Black Locust

  • Buckeye

  • Black Alder

  • Black pine

  • black poplar

  • service tree

  • Norway maple

  • white pine

  • bird cherry

  • elm

  • rowanberry

  • wild cherry

  • juniper

  • Scots pine

  • walnut

  • pastures

  • hawthorn

  • silver fir

  • trembling poplar

  • plum

forests and climate

"A Co2 storage in wood products  is only available for round wood from sustainable forestry  and short distances in the entire upstream chain" (HVH) 

The following information brochures are available in this area:

  • Renewable energy

  • Wood chips pellets firewood

  • Carbon stocks in forests worldwide

  • Forests and energy transition

  • forests and climate change

forests and biodiversity

"According to UNEP, around 50 - 70% of the animal and plant species on earth live in tropical primeval forests (primary forests). Their protection would be the greatest contribution to maintaining global biodiversity" HVH

The following information brochures are available in this area:

  • Biodiversity in German forests

  • Biodiversity in forests worldwide

  • New tree species

  • risk of biodiversity loss

  • forest features

Forest management in Central Europe 

"Our Central European forests have been managed sustainably for centuries. Strict forest laws protect our forests. This is not comparable to forest management in many parts of the world, where logging concessions in primary forests are awarded by the states and plantation management prevails". (HVH)

The following information brochures are available in this area:

  • work processes and machines

  • ownership and mobilization

  • grandfathering

  • permanent forest

  • Support in forestry

  • identify forest pests

  • Domestic forestry in figures

  • Sustainable forestry

  • low forest and middle forest

  • quality management

  • Bloated high forest

  • forest maintenance contracts

  • forest value

timber industry

"Short distances in the chain of custody tie the processing chain together in the European regions. This is the only way to combine climate protection and regional value creation from customers to the forest" (HVH).

The following information brochures are available in this area:

  • Due Diligence and Market

  • Local timber industry in figures

  • Local timber market

  • timber market worldwide

  • Hardwood and special woods

  • secondary uses

  • weakwood and thinning wood

  • Large wood and valuable wood

  • Increase in harvest proceeds

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