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Here you will find information on how you can print existing HOLZ VON HIER exhibitions for your community, how you can take part in HVH exhibitions and events or borrow HVH exhibitions, such as the "wooden mobile" shown here with around 50 local types of wood.

Flyerfrei Kopie.png

wooden mobile


The wooden mobile from HVH is available in a large and a smaller version. Both variants are often borrowed or part of larger touring exhibitions such as the current exhibition "Wood makes mobile. That's why it's good Sign up for a loan well in advance of yours register for the planned event.

Call us or send us an email.

Phone:09209.918 97-51

wood exhibitions


​​​​​Together with partners, we also organize wood exhibitions for you, from art in construction to trade fair appearances. We work here also with regional partners such as designers of the BDIA, leader groups and others.  

For more information please call us or email us.

Phone:09209.918 97-51

footprints biodiversity


Footprints for well-known leading animal species from Africa, Asia and Latin America were created in cooperation with the Nuremberg Zoo as footprints of zoo animals. These footprints areambassadors for their wild relatives. The footprints of endangered animal species can show in the smallest of spaces on the floor or on the wall why primeval forests in the tropics need to be protected. Accompanying flyers inform about the situation of these beautiful but endangered animals. And flyers provide information on how the habitat of these animals can be protected with wood from here and other measures.

The footprints and flyers can also be printed with your logo according to the motto: our community does not use tropical wood, we use WOOD FROM HERE and thus protect the habitat of the gorilla and many other animal species.

For more information please call us or email us.

Phone:09209.918 97-51

wooden info mile


Do you want to connect the interesting forest-wood points in your municipality or district and make them visible?


Why not with the HVH concept of the wood information mile.  

Wooden steles at the locations digitally connect them to each other via signs and QR codes. Thanks to the wiki platform in the background, the information about each location can be called up anywhere and can also be changed digitally. That is, the cost if you Wanting to change information is minimal.

For more information call us or email us.

Phone: 09209.981 97-51  


small exhibitions


​​​​​The small exhibitions that we offer on various topics exist each of 5 parts. Here are the variants:  

(1) Variant "Rollup" with 5 rollups per topic (1*2 meters)

(2) Variant "Image" with 5 picture frames made of aluminum that can be flexibly covered with printed banners made of textile (see picture). The banners can be exchanged at will.

All small exhibitions can be printed with your municipality's logo. For more information please call us or email us.

Phone:09209.918 97-51






roll up

Picture Frame




desk pads

property plaques



Free design for our partner municipalities with three design schemes each.

Printing and shipping at cost price.

In addition, together with a social institution, we offer small wooden items such as boards, balls, trays, etc.

For more information please call us or email us. There is still no shop function on Holz Kommunal.


We will simply send you pictures and discuss with you what we can implement here together for your event on the topic of wood of short distances.

Phone:09209.918 97-51

In-Depth Materials


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