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For partner municipalities 

Partner municipalities of HOLZ KOMMUNAL are those municipalities that, beyond the tender with wood from here, are increasingly committed to the implementation of climate and environmentally friendly procurement in their area. They receive additional in-depth information from Holz Kommunal and receive intensive support from Holz Kommunal throughout the process.

The enormous importance of the upstream chains and the origin of raw materials, semi-finished goods and products is made clear. Holz kommunal also shows the essential,  significant advantages of wood and NaWaRo, which can be developed primarily in short material flows. Wood products that were manufactured in Europe in their entire material flow are ecological, social and economical to the highest degree, because Europe places strict requirements on production in Europe with regard to climate and environmental protection as well as social fairness and consumer protection, to which every company, that produces here must last.  


Holz Kommunal offers various tools and decision-making aids in order to achieve comprehensive climate and environmental improvements and to be able to combine climate protection with regional value creation.


The toolbox is available in the premium package for partner municipalities. It contains...

implementation tool

The management tool is used to take comprehensive climate and environmental measures in connection with the use of wood and NaWaro-based products. 

  • catalog of measures

  • indicators

  • benchmarks

Ökobilanzdaten Tool

The life cycle assessment data shown comes from existing recognized databases. Access to the documents is therefore only free for partner municipalities, because this data was analyzed and prepared for comparisons with a considerable investment of time. Of course, each municipality can also get its own first impression from the common life cycle assessment databases.

  • Explanations

  • Graphics lecture elements

  • comparisons andcomparability

  • Differences between EPD, PEF and HVH footprints

Gray Energy/CO2 Tool

The subject of upstream chains is covered by the HVH environmental footprint, which will also include other NaWaRo in the future.

fußabdruck dunkelgrün-viereckig.jpg
  • Explanations of the HVH environmental footprint

  • Data product comparisons

  • graphics

  • Lecture Elements

  • Gray vs Red CO2

risk tool

Tool (GIS basiert) mit diversen Information zur Bedeutung der Herkunft von Rohstoffen und Produkten anhand von Risiko Einschätzungen und öko-sozialen Faktoren. Argumentativ wird dies in vielen Bereichen für Kommunen immer wichtiger (vgl. RED II). Damit können sie begründen warum sie beispielsweise eine bestimmte Herkunft bei der Beschaffung ausschließen wollen. 

  • GIS platform

  • factor explanations

  • country profiles

Red energy/CO2 tool

This tool is used to balance CO2 emissions in the use phase of buildings (red energy).

  • Basics Red Energy / Red CO2.

  • energy consumption values

  • calculation explanations

  • Conversion factors for electricity and heat in CO2

End of Use Tool 

Opportunities for the subsequent use of building materials and materials are becoming increasingly important because disposal is associated with enormous costs and environmental pollution. But which materials can be easily recycled or reused and  which cannot. What is the current state of recycling and what is the potential?

  • Tabellen

  • Grafiken

  • Kennblätter

  • Recyclingpotentiale

  • End-of-Use Stoffströme

  • Adressen

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