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Current webinars

All seminars and webinars are free of charge for municipalities that use


You can register here without obligation.

Due to the corona situation, all of our seminars and workshops are currently only taking place as webinars.

After you have registered, we will email you your access code for the webinar.

We look forward to your registration and your participation in the webinars!

Seminar construction kit for and with municipalities

We put together webinars and seminars for municipalities on the subject of sustainable, climate-friendly procurement and timber construction according to the wishes and needs of the municipalities and districts.
We offer the seminars - after Corona
  - also on site together with partners.  

Topics that could be of interest to municipalities include:

"Starting points for climate-optimized wood", "Considerations on the product life cycle", "Environmental footprint of products", Basics of sustainability", Ecological footprint of products", "Economic footprint of products", "Social footprint of products", "Eco-label and building assessment systems", "Advantages of wood products", "Market and trends", "Life cycle assessments: Strengths and weaknesses", "Significance of origin", "Significance of upstream chains".


Current training courses and seminars can be found on the Training website


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