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Support for business promoters and their partners in chambers of crafts and chambers of industry and commerce 

Junge isst Bretzel

regional development

Municipal economic development contributes to strengthening economic power at municipal level. It is a central element for growth, quality of life and prosperity in cities, communities and regions. Portfolio development, i.e. the creation of optimal framework conditions for entrepreneurial success on site, the acquisition of new companies, the settlement and development of business parks, the promotion of business start-ups and also town marketing are among their important tasks. Sustainable regional development also includes future generations and also preserves jobs and training positions for them in their own region. 


market potential

The importance of HOLZ VON HIER (HVH) resp. LOW CARBON TIMBER (LCT) for the companies in your region and in the area of responsibility of your municipality goes far beyond the positive market potential for "your" local companies. The entire region benefits from it. HVH/LCT meets the megatrends of our time regarding sustainability and authenticity. HVH/LCT connects climate and environmental protection directly with regional value creation. Yes, many industries in Europe are also export-oriented, but one must not forget that Europe itself is one of the most important consumer markets in the world. Products from local companies should be procured or installed with priority here. 


Info package companies  

The "Information Package for Companies" would like to provide local business promoters with documents that they can forward to their local companies if they wish.

(Image HVH/LCT: pencils with HVH/LCT) 

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