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Municipalities that own forests can register in the GIS platform Forest Paths to Diversity and thus better accommodate wood ranges beyond the mass ranges on the wood market. The GIS platform "Forest - Paths to Diversity" is also a platform for (even) more biodiversity in the local forest and which could also be of interest to the citizens of your community.

Here, visitors will find a representation of the actual occurrences of various, especially less common and well-known tree species in Germany on distribution maps.  

Forest owners, including municipal forest owners, can use the platform to find customers and interested parties for less common ranges and tree species. You can register as a "supplier" free of charge and enter marketable stocks of, for example, marginal assortments or less common tree species via your own account.

Potential interested parties can use the platform to find registered providers and contact you. As a provider, you will then receive a corresponding request by e-mail. Wood processing companies can find out here where interesting tree species can be found in which qualities and relevant quantities in your area. If you find what you are looking for, you can contact the relevant providers immediately. To do this, you can register as an "interested party" .

Forest diversity - Interactive map tool

services for municipalities.


Many municipal forests have a lot to offer when it comes to special timber, but hardly any municipality has time to use platforms such as “Forest Diversity” given the variety of tasks. On the other hand, many special woods are in great demand among customers. HVH therefore takes on the task of entering data into the “Forest Diversity” platform free of charge for municipalities that own forests.



​​Use the forest diversity portal.


Our native forests have been managed sustainably for centuries. They have an amazing variety of species. A basic prerequisite for biodiversity in forests is the variety of tree species that grow there. This diversity of tree species is often underestimated. This platform therefore also aims to visualize the diversity of tree species in the various regions.


Interface between forest owners and wood buyers, especially for special ranges such as ALH, ALN.


Use the platform to expand the circle of your potential buyers without obligation, especially for special assortments. Anyone interested in wood can contact you directly via the forestry office, the contact person in your municipality or via your local WBV.

Developed by forest owners for forest owners.


Forest owners from all forest ownership forms were represented on the advisory board for the development and support of the platform: Thuringia Forest (for the state forest), the forester from Turn & Taxis (for the large private forest), Berlin Forest (for city forests), WBV Regensburger Land (for the organized small and medium-sized private forest), a representative of the Association of European Nature Parks and a state forest consultant with 40 years of professional experience.

Free of charge.


As a municipality and forest owner, you can register on this platform free of charge and enter stocks of such less common tree species and assortments via your own login area. This is about wood in the stock that is still standing, but without you having to provide exact GPS data. The platform will be built up gradually and will show at district level which tree species grow here.

County level entries.


Of course, HVH is familiar with the discussion about the accuracy of tree locations in standing stock. Hardly any forest owner wants to enter the exact location of certain standing tree species anywhere. That is why the entries are made here at district level, no forest owner needs to enter an exact GPS location. This gradually gives a picture of the forest composition in a county, but if you want to know more you have to contact the forest owner. Such statements are also not available from the forest inventories, not bundled or not available in certain forms of forest ownership.




The portal has so far been limited to Germany. However, if forest owner organizations, state forests or forest-owning municipalities from neighboring countries are interested, the platform can be expanded at any time together with them.



As a municipality with forest ownership, simply contact us.
Tel: 09209.918 97.51

Forest paths to diversity

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